Federico is a minimal choreography for touch between two performers. The figures formed between the hands of the performers are at times recognisable as an intimate touch and at times abstract figures of relationality and entanglement. This is a choreography of desire in the smallest scale, that mobiles affect and sensuality, as a means for a queer archive of touch.

Federico was commissioned by Montague Space.


Federico, 2015

Alex Bacyzsńki-Jenkins

Each iteration is choreographed in collaboration with the performers and specific to that duo.

First iteration in collaboration with and performed by
Jayson Patterson and Nick Finegan

Further iterations performed by
Katarzyna Szugajew, Anton Ambroziak, Rafał Pierzynski

A production by
Alex Baczyński-Jenkins Studio

Studio Director
Andrea Rodrigo

Studio Manager
Sarie Nijboer

Management Consultant
Rui Silveira – Something Great

Something Great

Previous presentations include
Montague Space, London
Cell Project Space, London
Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw
Acts of Translation, MMAG Foundation, Amman, Jordan
Alpina Huus, Le Commun, Geneva
Future Generation Prize, Kyiv