The work unfolds over four episodes and is a choreographic mediation on the relationships between affection, touch, desire and loss. Each episode has its specific embodied vocabulary through which the performers navigate intimate and fragmentary exchanges, reflecting on the edges of subjectivity, corporeality and relationality. The piece proposes another relationship with duration and attempts to produce a community of visitors by having the work unfold over a period of 4 to 8 weeks. The reflection on the temporal, the haptic and collective intentionality present in The tremble, the symptom, the swell and the hole together are central aspects of Baczynski-Jenkins’ practice.


Alex Baczynski-Jenkins

In collaboration with and performed by
Jia-Yu Corti, Thelma Sharma, Thomias Radin and Aaa Biczysko

Further iterations performed by
Tiran Willemse, Owen Ridley-DeMonick

Ezra Green

Live sound
Krzysztof Baginski

3 hrs

A production by
Alex Baczyński-Jenkins Studio

Studio Director
Andrea Rodrigo

Studio Manager
Sarie Nijboer

Management Consultant
Rui Silveira – Something Great

Something Great

Previous presentations include
The tremble, the symptom, the swell and the hole together in Chisenhale Gallery, London (2017), The tremble in Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2017), The hole together in Migros Museum of Contemporary Art, Zurich (2018), The tremble in La Casa Encendida, Madrid (2018), The tremble in CONVERSO, Milan (2018), The tremble in GetxoArte, Bilbao (2019), The tremble in ANTI Festival, Kuopio, Finland (2021) – Awarded the ANTI Festival International Live Art Prize.

Original Credits
The tremble, the symptom, the swell and the hole together was originally commissioned and produced by Chisenhale Gallery, London in 2017 with: Polly Staple, Ellen Greig and Eliel Jones

Developed in collaboration with and performed by
Magdalena Chowaniec, Jia-Yu Corti, Kwabena Darko, Jonathan Gonzalez, Samuel Kennedy, Matthew Morris, Jayson Patterson and Thelma Sharma

Sound developed in collaboration with
Jayson Patterson

Originally supported by: Gaia Art Foundation. With additional support from the Arts Council England Grants for the Arts. With thanks to Delfina Foundation, London